EA vs Non-EA communication


as far as I know, I am not an EA member. But I see posts which seem to be directed to EA members, that have access to EA1 version. It is interesting to read, what is going on, but as long as DxO does not offer public beta testing, this communication does seem to happen unintentionally?


Hello Arthur :slight_smile:

Actually you see only the public part of the Nik section. But our Beta-users leave posts everywhere and that’s why you see some info about EA.
P.S. Have you received a reply from Bruno on your request about Beta testing?

Svetlana G

Hello Svetlana,

no I did not send a request yet. Did not want to disturb the proceedings of the last months. But maybe I will try it in the next days.


Okay :grinning:

Hi @sgospodarenko … I’m back, (after 4 weeks being out-of-touch whilst on holiday overseas).

I reckon it’s confusing, for all concerned, to have both EA and non-EA communications on the same forum … Not least because we EA members have committed to a non-disclosure agreement, which we might unknowingly violate (as per Arthur’s observation - above).

Regards, John M

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Welcome back, John :slight_smile:

Actually it’s the same as it was in the previous forum: Beta users have an access to both General and EA parts while custom users do not have the access to the EA part and they do not see our discussions concerning beta tests of the new features.

Please, have a look, you’ve got PhotoLab section (which is for all) and PhotoLab - Early Acess (only for Betas) and the same for Nik.

Svetlana G.

Ah, OK - Thanks Svetlana … I see now that it’s obvious :blush: !

I guess it’s up to we EA contributors to be careful about what we say in the “open access” threads … so as not to violate our non-disclosure agreements.