E-mail notification not always working on the new forum

This happened with the old forum software and it’s still an issue.
On two of the feedback threads I replied to (showing Tracking) I did not get an e-mail notification of replies being posted.
The 3rd one doesn’t have replies yet so, I don’t know what will happen there.

I did get a notification from a reply on a bug thread I started.

Can this be fixed?
It is difficult to keep track of the ‘conversations’ otherwise.

I just found the difference between tracking and watching.
Seems that only threads you start yourself are set to watching.
Replying sets to tracking.

I think I found in the user profile how this is decided and changed to watching.

I’ll see how it goes from here :slight_smile:

Hello @Bart

So with your changes, do you receive all the notifications you expect?

I still have to find out :slight_smile:

But in case it doesn’t work, I’ll report back.