Dynamic Preset

I would like to be able to have dynamic presets to apply to a big collection. For example if I want to aplly ‘Perspective’ with DXO VIEWPOINT, it would be helpfull if I could specify to aplly it only if the focal length was < 24mm (full frame eq.). This is the one that would help me the most.
In general this could also be an option for other parameters to make applying a setting with a preset conditional to 1 or more of the parameters in the metadata.

I do not sure automatic perspective correction is a good idea (*)
But Why not a dynamic action for presets :smiley:

In the meantime, you can sort your photos by lens type and apply corrections or personal presets.


(*) In this case, turn off crop feature to see the auto perspective action.

Yes, but the lens goes from 8-18mm (16-36mm FF eq) so I still have to check. It would be nice if I had a dynamic preset for this. So I can batch process all my raws and see the results with a program like WildBit Viewer. The processing of the raws I can do when I am sleeping. Previewing within PL takes quit some time since all the porcessing has to be done for each raw. When doing this in 1 batch you can view the results very quickly even on a big 4k Oled tv screen. The ones you are not happy with you can select for further editting.
I would say that over 98% is very good, but sometimes e.q. horizon correction is off.
The perspective is not ment to be if the focal length is lets say over 28mm (FF eq.) and will probably do more harm then good.

Yes I understood … but you won’t have this dynamic preset tomorrow :smiley:

I wrote “lens type” but the feature sort by “focal length”.


Yes, that was also my idea, but I can’t find the focal length in the sort pop-up selection.

You punch in on it :sweat_smile:


Don’t worry, would be nice to have a more dynamic preset in the future and I am aware this is a lot of work.
But I can see more use cases for dynamic presets and if designed well for the more complex ones it is a nice start.

For example I also love the Dxo ClearView Plus option.
By default it gives 50 on the Intensity and of course yoy can alter this in your preset.
When I take pictures in the outside the 50 seems a nice overall value, but when I take them inside a building they tend to get to dark and I change the value to 20. For dehazing I use 80 or more or just don’t dehaze because haze can be beautifull.
Maybe also this one can be more dynamic by using smthing like iso, aperture or what ever parameter to determine the ligth condition.

I have the feeling you would spend so much more time adjusting your dynamic values, that your time would be better invested in making some of your own critical presets. After all, they are just starting places… What you are seeking would be machine based learning. How does Koen like to process images shot with camera x, lens y and focal length T with aperture A and shutter S … and ISO V… then learn that and automatically apply it, unless it’s a subject person, then use preset xxx or a dog, preset yyy … as you see, those options would be impossible to predict and Koen would end up complaining that the dynamic values were not done correctly because next time you shot a wedding … Each image, or batch of images will require your personal interpretation, otherwise choose Auto and hope for the best.

Yes to create the presets I need them be more dynamic.
This is not about ML or other data science not even statistics.
It is just be able to use parameters or a set of parameters to be able to apply certain settings only under certain conditions.
This is more algebra then ML.
Indeed I only need them as a starting point or if I like the result out of the box just as an end point.
It will just save a lot of time in batch processing large numbers of raws.

Perhaps I am not following what you want in a dynamic preset? Let’s just stick to your example of Clearview 50% — under what circumstances would you wish to see something else, what variables are you looking for? You also mention speed. I use a lowly i5 on W10, but i have 2 SSD’s and don’t see any performance issues, so please clarify why you think you need an automated batch processing feature?