DxPL(Win) 6.3.1 Removes entries from the display when attempting to set 'Rating' (NOT a bug) just an "idiot" user (ME) - Sorry

While attempting to set a ‘Rating’, either by using the thumbnail or the menu, DxPL(Win) 6.3.1 started “removing” the image from the display, they were still on disk.

Original “issue” reported was an operator error (me) leaving a ‘Filter’ on when it should have been cleared.

@DxO_Support-Team @Musashi sorry for the original post but this did happen yesterday.

VC[1] markers without any [M]asters

However, the exact circumstances have “long” gone.

Deleted - user (me) error testing with a ‘Filter’ left on.

In the copy screen of filmstrip above, there is a filter active.
Could it be that exclude those resulting from the changes you made on stars?

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@Pathal You are right and I am an idiot for wasting my time (and the time of others) without checking the obvious

Possibly because you have a filter set on the thumbnail strip?

OK @Pathal you beat me to it :smiley:

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@Pathal & @Joanna and I am about to “beat” myself.

Fortunately I have a week of odd days in Bromley helping my son lay new flooring let’s hope that goes better than this debacle so no more new testing this week.

Thanks for spotting it, I am only sorry that I didn’t!

Une fois n’est pas coutume @Joanna !