DxO's NIK3 a lot faster than the Free Nik for RAWs?

Windows 10, HP Envy 750-114. My downloaded free NIK takes forever to process RAWs (but is quick with jpgs,) thus after doing initial post with PL4 Elite, I export as a .tif to Photoshop Elements 2020 as its free NIK plugin works quickly. So my question is, if I were to purchase DxO’s NIK3, would it process RAWs within a reasonable amount of time…i.e., a lot quicker than the present free NIK (takes up to 2 minutes)?

The NIK Collection does not process RAW files, only TIFF or JPG.


As Mark pointed out raw files are not supported by Nik Collection and never have been. That goes for the previous free Google version as well as DXO’s version.

When you mentioned raw files did you mean Photolab’s conversion of a raw file to Tiff before sending it to the Nik Collection? If so, the processing speed will depend on your computer and the size of the raw file. I can’t speak about sending a file to the free Nik version from within PhotoLab 4, but it only takes around 15 seconds or so to create a tiff and send it to a DXO Nik Collection module on my machine.



I used the free(Google) version for a while when I first got PL3 and don’t remember it being particularly slow, a lot of crashes though. I didn’t buy DXO’s V1 or V2 but finally bought V3 and did notice it to be a bit snappier with no crashes.

Thanks for the info, guys. Didn’t realize that NIK only does jpgs and tifs. I’m going to check how my present PL/NIK setup and see if just which type of file I’m trying to NIK. Most likely, the slowness problem will be related to my computer’s handling of the programs.

Issue solved. Taking the clue that NIK doesn’t do RAWs, while in PL, I sent a tif version of a RAW image to NIK and the response was rapid enough to keep me happy. No need for a new, faster computer.

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I hope it’s clear to you that it’s not a question of Nik not using raw files while you are in Photolab. Nik never has used raw files regardless of the software you use it with.


Quite clear as implicated in my post just above yours. Thanks.

The reason I posted that was because you said, "Taking the clue that NIK doesn’t do RAWs, while in PL". Your use of the word “while” gave me the impression that you might have thought that Nik supports the use of raw files from other software. I’m happy we’re on the same page.