DXOPureRAW2 Trial not reading Olympus files

I have downloaded the trial of DXOPureRAW2 to test on OM1 images and it won’t open them. I have also tried opening OM-D E-M! MkIII files with the same error message. Checking which cameras and lenses are supported says they are. Please can you help?

Hi, Nigel. For faster assistance, I suggest opening a support ticket at support.dxo.com and then uploading a sample RAW file to upload.dxo.com referencing the ticket number.

yes we are all still waiting for the update for om1

Thanks - sounds a much better strategy

Thanks - I will just check every so often for an update

Downloaded the trial as well thinking it would save the improved raw file back on itself, but i get dng or jpg options and comparing against dxo 3, it is not as good and pureraw2 got wiped.

I have an Olympus E-M1 Mark II and the raw files work fine in the above

DXO products do not modify raw files.



I have attached a screen shot of PureRAW 2, showing the options available when processing a raw file.
The ouput file benefits from DxO’s denoising technology and optical corrections.

The idea is that you then finish processing the output file, which is saved back to your computer, in another application such as Lightroom Classic.