DXOPureRaw back to Lightroom

I export a DNG file from Lightroom to DXO Pureraw2. After processing I’m back in Lightroom. However, before I can see it in Lightroom, a Lightroom blank page (black, nothing in it) comes up, and I have to click on Done. After I do that, everything is ok. I just want to skip the Done buttom in Lightroom. Is there anybody who can help me? Windows 10 . Latest version of Lightroom and PureRaw. Latest driver of the graphic card Nvidia. Thanks, Peter.

Since the button is part of Lightroom, I suggest you ask Adobe.

Thanks Joanna, and I will ask Adobe. I just wondered… before I updated Pureraw, it behaved without the Done button. Silver Efex, too, goes back to Lightroom without the Lightroom Done button… Anyway, I will ask Adobe. Thanks, Peter

Hi Peter - Were you able to resolve this issue. I have similar issue which has only just started.

@Joanna not wishing to waste anyone’s time but is there a clue in the @pvbpvb response that states

I cannot test this because although I do have Windows 10 I don’t have PureRaw.

But essentially is the updated PureRaw (details needed of version etc.) passing something “new” and/or in a different way that is causing Lightroom to change its reaction!?

While chasing Adobe I would recommend that you also submit a support request to DxO stating that it used to work, but you do need to be sure that nothing has changed in you Lightroom setup, but also stating that Silver Efex (include the version details etc.) does (still) work.

It would be good if any PureRaw users on the forum could also verify that things continue to work for them, iff they are following a similar workflow!

Always good to state versions when looking for assistance and the initial post did not include the “crucial” data about the fact that it used to work but then changed after a PureRaw upgrade!

Sorry I cannot be more help



Hi Tony, no succes so far. To be honest, it is not a severe issue for me. Just one extra click. I am very happy with PureRaw. I canceled for the time being my plan to buy an expensive f/1.4 prime lens, thanks to PureRaw… Peter

To be sure:
PureRaw 2.4.0/build 8/64 bit
Lightroom 12.1 Camera Raw 15.1
Windows 10 Home Version 21H2


@pvbpvb & @tc1 although it is a “minor” inconvenience (how “minor” or otherwise depends on how many times you encounter it in the average editing session) I would make a report through the standard DxO support mechanism and try to get it fixed, i.e. so that you can return to the experience before the new release!

Sorry I cannot be more help.



Yes Peter however, I have Windows 10 Pro.

This problem is solved with the last update.