DxOPL7 - the first to skip, why?

Thank you for being easy to calculate. I honor that DxO is bringing a new version every year, and since V.4 I updated every year. This year I will not, and here are the reasons.

  • lots of improvements on the color area, but honestly that was a strength anyhow
  • improvements on the look and feel of the local adjustments, that is one of the reasons, that I use DxO PhotoLab, but after all these years, I know how the equalizer works and I know how to deal with good and bad things of that. Last year I saw some improvements with the control lines and the chrome, luminance modification of the masks - this year, the only real change here is the use of the color wheel for local adjustments. Nice to have, but not worth the update cost.

Everything else is the same. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a complain. You will have had reasons for acting like that, you just didn’t meet my requirements - or enough requirements for doing the update.

What would be needed to get me excited? I use PL as my main development SW - going from here to specialists like Topaz Photo AI and Luminar (less and less).
I like your models for sharp images, but they are not helping with very slight focus errors or movements. In addition Deep Prime XD is marverlous - but in some situations additional noise reduction of Topaz even improve this (Luminar is way off).
I use OM-1 with 20MP sensor. This is fine for most situations but booster this with calculating additional pixel helps sometimes as well. What Topaz really makes great is for sharpness and noise reduction doing the masking. They are almost every time just masking the object I want to have sharper and only sharpen this.

I do not request, that you make Sharpening like Topaz, that’s not your core business. But if you could help to improve the masking -which should be easy with your AI knowledge. That could do two things for me. First sharpening the main object and do not sharpen the rest - and give me a mask to do Bokeh. And - honestly - improve the algorithm to do a good looking Bokeh.

I use MfT, and I guess lots of people using small sensor cameras would like this as well.

[quote=“MartinJJ, post:1, topic:35163”]

  • cette annĂ©e, le seul vrai changement ici est l’utilisation de la roue des couleurs pour les ajustements locaux. C’est agrĂ©able de l’avoir, mais ça ne vaut pas le coĂ»t de la mise Ă  jour.
    Tout le reste est pareil.
    Je suis assez d’accord avec MartinJJ, je pense ne pas faire de mise à jour cette année et rester en v6. Les améliorations sont trop mineures ou ne me sont pas indispensables. Mon interrogation serait plutôt la suivante : le coût de la mise à jour sera-t’il le même pour migrer de v6 à v8 que de passer de v7 à v8 ?
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I once suggested such a feature to blur unsharp areas furthermore whilst keeping sharp areas untouched by this But it did not make it, not enough votes.

But I’d recommend a re-think, this woould attract many users (i.e. customers by the way) especially with small sensors helping them t get a “full-frame-look”.

An please note: a newer iphone can dot this, it is not perfect but works.

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that would be very useful while using “auto contrast” as it also affect none sharp part of the images, unless you shoot cityscape or protrait… auto contrast is useless.