DxO ViewPoint 4 only doesn't open raw files like *nef

I’ve upgraded to VP4, but can’t open raw files, only *jpg/*tif are accessible?
If I change the filter in the File OPEN dialog to *nef, the message “DxO ViewPoint 4 can’t open this file” appears.
Is there any workaround or any settings to change?

Thanks in advance for feedback!

ViewPoint standalone is not built for RAW files, only TIFF, JPEG and other bitmap files.

If you want to process RAW files, use the ViewPoint tools from within PhotoLab.

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Thanks for the quick answer!

Great insight, thanks for this. I bought it this morning, so I haven’t really played with it that much. You said to use the ViewPoint tolls within Photo Lab. Are they set by default or do we have to do anything to start using them?
Thanks for your time,