DxO Viewpoint 3 and Photoshop elements 2021

I bought Photoshop Elements 2021 and DxO Viewpoint 3 for a plug in. I wasn’t given an option to add DxO as a plug in. I have sent 3 tech support tickets and not received any directive on a patch that would allow me to add Viewpoint 3 to elements 2021. I shoot in raw so it is extremely important for me to have the ability to download Viewpoint 3 as a plug in not a stand alone.

Viewpoint is working on the RGB raster image, not on the RAW data.
The plugin for other programs as PL works via an intermediary file.


In addition :
I cannot verify with Photoshop Element 2021 (I have a much older version) but normally when installing ViewPoint, the “Filter” menu of PSE was supplemented with “DxO Labs / ViewPoint 3”
We open an image in PSE, if it is a raw with the ACR module, then once opened by clicking on filter, we access ViewPoint through the Filter menu, and the corrected image is then sent back to PSE.

This doesn’t really answer my question. The raw information was irrelevant to my issue since I was working with a jpg. The issue is that viewpoint 3 wizard does not include elements 2021 in their drop down menu for installation. I wanted to know how to install it into elements 2021. I did move it and was able to use it in elements however I am getting an alert that not all features of viewpoint are available. In this regard I still would like to see customer service provide an update to the wizard so I can install it properly. Apparently they have non existent customer service so I will be writing a review on this product and the quality of customer service.

I was able to move viewpoint 3 into elements and use it. There is an alert that comes up in elements advising me that not all features of viewpoint are available. I am new to both programs so I am not sure if I have it properly imported. It is a shame that this company does not include elements 2021 in their wizard drop down menu. This is something I plan to write a review on especially considering their customer service appears to be non existent.

Hi @yvonne, did you see / read

( PS Elements 2021 is not listed – for whatever reason )

It was relevant to this statement of you.
But I’m curious for what features are not available.