DXO v6 left me totally FUBAR

Have been using the original free google plug-in’s for years with zero issues on Affinity Photo

Received an email about a free trial for DXO 6 - so we downloaded it to check it out and decided to pass on it

Now we cant use the free google plug-ins any more with Affinity - plug-in just does zero when called - dont see a way of this, even uninstalling and reinstalling Affinity.

I need Nix 6 totally gone of my machines

Win 10, 64 bit

You will need to re-configure the plugins for Affinity to point to your old apps.

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… and re-install your old plugins if you need them

They were deleted with the installation of Nik 6 – and you should have seen, read & understood the instruction within the installation process before you agreed to continue. :frowning:

please read

and get the tool here

in case your de-installation from the OS does not work sufficiently

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re-installing AP won’t do nothing for nik, you need to uninstall nik collection completely, then install your google version and set your AP plugin again.
installing newer version of nik overwrite your existing version, it says that when you install it.


That’s the problem, NilkCleanup (that only is applicable to 2018, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) - is not cleaning up 100% - if I point the app back to the original google plug-in’s it still called for example ─Viveza and wants me to buy it.

Apart from reformatting the complete drive - I am out of options.

You can configure any plugin in AP (Nik or whatever) by opening the Preferences | PS Plugins configuration panel and adding the folder(s) where your plugin(s) are stored. At least in AP 1.x (I didn’t upgrade to version 2 but I don’t see why this setting shouldn’t work in v2). I did this for multiple plugins and I didn’t get any problem.

it’s the same with AP 2.
only with nik 6 you don’t have to do anything in AP settings, nik 6 install right away as plugin in AP. no more fidling around.

There is a known bug between Nik 6.0 and Affinity 2.1 where the plugins don’t work. The Nik 6.1 update fixes that bug. But if your versions are anything other than 2.1 and 6.0 then it should all work. And once it works you will find that Nik has advanced hugely, it is much more capable and controllable than the old Google version.