DxO updates Nik Collection, releases PhotoLab 1.2 with U Point local adjustments: Digital Photography Review

Hello everyone,
I am so glad this software lives on. It remains the best B&W conversion and the contrast controls in both Silver and Color Efex android 9 modules are fantastic. I must say though, that the recent upgrades to Lightroom have gone a long way to closing the gap free netflix, but Nik still provides much better control. Was kind of hoping for new features, but I am happy if this just upgrades the performance by eliminating some annoying bugs and perhaps reduces the noise the old version seemed to sometimes either add or emphasize…

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Usher are you talking about DxO PhotoLab or Nik Collection? DxO now own Nik and have also included U Point in PhotoLab. I ask as Silver and Color Efex are Nik modules whilst the title of this thread refers to DxO PhotoLab with added U Point.