DXO Updatefilehandling MAC


when I get a message for a new softwareupdate and click on install in the windows version I become the normal message by the system where I wan’t to download the installation file.

On Mac after click on install I get the message that the update is in download process, then that it will be decompressed and then that is ready to install. But where is the file placed to keep it for the future.

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I have no clue if (and where) the updater is stored and don’t specially care for it too…

If necessary, I can get full installers here:

I usually keep the latest installers of a current version of DPL (for fallback) and the installers of the latest versions of of older DPLs.

Note that download locations can change, so the links above might not work forever.

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I know the download centre too, but I thought that the option that I consider more convenient for Windows is also possible for Mac.


I would also find it better if the download files had a proper name with the version designation, e.g. DXO_Photolab5.5xx.dmg.
We had already mentioned this somewhere, but I can’t find it right now.

Agreed, but I suppose that it will never happen.

Dear @sgospodarenko / Svetlana

why not ? :wink:

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They did for a year do proper version numberings but gave up again for no good reason

Sometimes it is good to do things differently from others, but sometimes it is not. :clown_face: