DXO tags not working from PL6 to PL7

I did some recent tagging in DXO PL7 free trial, and the new tags (The old ones weren’t working because I renamed the folder outside of DXO) didn’t go through to PL6. I then did it in PL6 and it didn’t go into PL7.

What tags are you talking about?

Being more specific can help get you better answers :wink:


@aloha With respect to the identification of “tags” @platypus is absolutely right that we need as much information as possible in a post to be able to understand the problem, the context and outcome of any user tests to be able to help.

However, my guess is the

“Tag” as shown above and that is held in the DOP and a PL7 DOP will not be read by PL6, DOPs are forward compatible but not backwards compatible between major releases.

However, depending on your ‘Preference’ settings or actions any Keyword or IPTC or ‘Rating’ or ‘Colour Label’ which are also stored in the DOP but typically written to the image may or may not be written and therefore available to any other software and release of DxPL (via the image metadata) based upon your actions and your ‘Preference’ settings.

Hence, the need for more detail.

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I’m talking about the tags you can give an image then search it up in the PL database. Such as ‘hawk’ or ‘owl’

@aloha So you are referring to “keywords” and whether those make it into the image, which they should, typically depends on this ‘Preferences’ setting being set as shown

and/or the user executing


With the ‘Preferences’ setting as shown above then PL7 should have written the keyword(s) into the image ( or sidecar for RAW) automatically whenever changed and PL6 should then have automatically detected and imported those into PL6 if that option was also set and vice versa going back from PL6 to PL7.

If that 'Preference is not set then you will need to use the ‘Write to image’ to get the keywords into the image and the ‘Read from image’ to get them out again!?

If that doesn’t happen then you have found a fault of some description.

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