DxO Supported Cameras web page - A temporary absence?

For a number of days prior to (about) the middle of last week, I was able to see on the DxO Supported Cameras web page that the (new) PhotoLab module for my ‘compact’ camera could be available for download in “10/2018” (this month, October 2018).

The URL that I had used to visit the DxO Supported Cameras web page (since at least February 2017) was this one:

http://www […] .dxo.com/us/photography/photo-software/dxo-opticspro/supported-cameras

But now … since (about) Friday last week, this DxO Supported Cameras web page is no longer available, and if I use that URL above, I’m re-directed instead to a page with a single large image of a couple of cameras and lenses - at this address:

http://www […] .dxo.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/supported-cameras.jpg

(Note 1: Remove the “[…]” in the above links to get the actual URLs. I didn’t want this post to be overwhelmed by the two very large images that would have appeared if I’d used the intact URLs.)
(Note 2: The https: versions of those URLs return identical results.)

So … to my Question(s):

Is the DxO Supported Cameras web page available now at a different URL?

Or is the web page just temporarily absent?

Thank you.
Colin P.

Hello @KolinP,

Supported camera web page can be found here :

It’s easier to find on the website, when you go on “Products -> DxO PhotoLab” you have a sub level of menus, including “Supported cameras”.
Seach for lenses is for now absent but will be back shortly and will be also easier to use.

Best regards,

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Thank you Marie,

That’s excellent news.
Kind regards,
Colin P.

Additional info concerning about the list of camera body/lens pairs that have available modules - https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012633348-Is-there-a-list-of-camera-body-lens-pairs-that-have-available-modules- leads to a nonexistent page -> http://www.dxo.com/en/photo/dxo_optics_pro/for_your_equipment
Additionally… from dpreview - https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/61864323
“If I ask DxO for supported camera-lens combinations, they leave me lost in space:
Same for many other support questions.
I can’t buy if I don’t know what I get.”


Seach for available and planned moduels is finally back, just below cameras on https://www.dxo.com/dxo-photolab/supported-cameras/



But still impossible to MANUAL download lens profiles