DXO Support responsiveness

I am curious about other users experience with DXO support team.
I have had an incident open since last September and provided the sample files and steps to reproduce. Despite repeated requests for an update, I have yet to get a response.

I am curious if this is a unique situation or is this the common support service to be expected?

I have always had excellent response times from DxO Support. Usually within 24 to 36 hours during a normal work week.

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What was the nature of your support request?


They are very slow at times and on the problem of not all dop’s bring deleted poor. It was only the DxO staff taking it up on this forum that got it sorted after support said nothing to do with them. It took about a year to get there.

It was regarding a bug when opening an image with define 2 from PL2, I am getting an error when opening Define 2 “unsupported format” for the generated TIF file.

It only happens when there is an .xmp file in the folder. The issue was reported with PL2, but it is still reproducible with the PL3 and full Nik Collection 2. I can manually select and open the generated TIF and process with Define 2, so it isn’t a corrupt file type of issue.


Thanks John… Looks like I have about 8 months to go. It is not a big issue, but the lack of response to prompt for an update has been disappointing and was just curious if this was the general experience.


When was the last time you contacted DXO about this particular issue? It seems to me that DXO staff has been much more responsive in this forum over the last several months. Other than this thread I don’t see any other posts by you on this subject in this forum. Sometimes posting issues directly here seems to generate a better response from DXO staff members since this forum is monitored by them daily.


My last prompt for a response was in December.

You are correct, I had not posted this issue in the forum. I thought it was product support related and tried to follow the proper channels and giving them time to respond.

I prompted again today and thought to also open a forum thread.

I think this is an issue with 2nd or 3rd level technical support for bugs. The initial support did respond quickly and gathered all of the diagnostic details and files for the next support tier. It has gone into a black hole since then.

Ok. I can see how that could happen with difficult situations to deal with. When something like that does happen they should let a person know a status so you have some idea of what is going on. You certainly have been very patient.

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This has been a common experience for me with support. (support.dxo.com - not these forums here) It depends on the nature of the support request and who’s handling it. Web site issues I’ve reported tend to get me very little in the way of a reply, probably because they’re quickly fixed or simply added to a to-do list. I think questions and misunderstandings about product functions also get handled quickly and well. As for software bugs: when I first report a problem, there can be a lively back-and-forth exchange with little to no delay while information is gathered and options are explored. However, once DxO has all the info they need to reproduce a bug, there isn’t any more for support to do except wait for news from the developers - so they either stop communicating (no news is good news) or close the ticket. Since I complained about the closing of tickets without explanation, that seems to have stopped. But when I complained recently about being ignored repeatedly, the result was a mixed bag. The manager was very responsive and receptive to me. He demonstrated for me that DxO cares about its customers. I’m grateful for that. But I was also told that the support team is very busy and isn’t able to provide regular updates. When we provide info about a problem to DxO and don’t get replies (not even to simply say, “Thank you for your hard work! We can reproduce the bug now and will work on it.”), it’s because DxO has what they need to move forward and no longer needs to interact with us. They expect us to wait indefinitely for the next move.

Unfortunately, the language I saw from support agents was all about customers helping DxO improve their products, not about DxO helping customers succeed or DxO and customers helping each other. I voiced my concerns that this approach to support alienates customers and ultimately hurts DxO. It’s a case of a little extra work possibly going a long way, IMO. I was not only heard, but listened to and treated with considerable respect. Time will tell if things improve. I’m certainly hopeful!

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While not perfect, in my experience, DXO’s responsiveness to issues is well above average compared to all the other paid software I’ve purchased over the years.

it is unfortunate that Wildcat 59’s issue has not been handled more proactively by DXO. Sometimes their customer care does fall through the cracks and results in a frustrated customer.

On another note, being a retired developer who provided customer care, I found that often customer expectations were not realistic, resulting in an unhappy customer. In those cases, it is sometimes difficult to repair the relationship.


Mark, in my cases the lack of response was described to me as intentional, not a falling through the cracks. That said, we worked it out.

Are you saying that the DXO admitted to you that they had been purposely ignoring you?


Yes, actually - they did - but I should explain that further, as I know I’m not always clear and I want to be fair to DxO. Despite my efforts to explain my expectations and intentions to them, the support agents involved seem to have been continually interpreting any update request from me, however small, as a request that the developers (not support) provide an update on their work. And so they waited rather than respond to me, acting as mere intermediaries. That was never explained to me - they didn’t see a need to explain it. From my point of view, they were being discourteous. But once I finally understood their point of view, and saw that DxO’s support model is very different from others I’ve experienced, I could meet them in the middle, so to speak. I don’t like the support model - I very much want to see it become more customer-friendly. However, I can adjust my expectations to it having been able to get the assurances I needed that things are moving along despite appearances to the contrary.

DxO support are good people, but like any service provider they can’t be everything customers want them to be. Fortunately, in my experience, when there is a need to submit a complaint of some kind (I’ve used ticket type “general inquiry”), DxO is very responsive. Plus we have these awesome forums where staff are very interactive - I’m so impressed with that.

I hope that helps.

Very responsive on the 2-3 occasions I’ve reached out, v1 and v2. Yes, agree with Mark. Responsiveness is consistently above average. No complaints here.

What you seem to be are saying here is that there was a communication gap between you and the DXO support people. (Perhaps as a result of speaking different native languages?) If I understand what you posted correctly they regarded your support call as a request for the developers to update the software, which they apparently passed on to the development team. If that is correct, I don’t think I would characterize that as purposely ignoring a problem that you presented to them, and I probably wouldn’t expect them to follow up on it with you.


The point is, they (support) weren’t ignoring a technical problem, but they were ignoring (neglecting) the customer. They’ve been communicating only enough to gather information to provide to the developers and then, due to workload apparently, would stop communicating entirely without even a thank-you, leaving customers in the dark. If the initial message from a customer to support contained complete information it would receive no response at all, because DxO didn’t need more info. Any attempt to obtain clarification from support (for example, “I sent you more info: are you now able to reproduce the bug?” or “It’s been months since I reported this and the problem is important to me: is it considered normal behavior or not?”) were deliberately not replied to by support without definitive guidance from development first (which we know can take quite a bit of time by necessity).

It’s efficient, but difficult for customers unless we know to expect this. I hope that’s more clear.

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Hello @Wildcat59,

I reproduced your issue and can confirm that the problem exists on Nik side for the plugins like Dfine, Resharper and Viveza (it’s connected to .xmp you’ve got to this image). As a workaround right now - you can remove xmp file and the processing to Nik will be OK.

The issue is being investigated right now.

Svetlana G.


My experience with DXO support has been disappointing. I wrote once. They asked for more information. Then I received a reply after 2 months. In the meantime, here in the forum we found a temporary solution 1 month earlier. Therefore, I no longer write to support for technical issues. The forum is much faster and more useful.
I’m sorry I have to write this …