DXO Sub-folder

I recently added Pure Raw to my DXO collection of software. My workflow is:
Import NEF (RAW) files onto my iMac HDD.
Import files into LR, where I do most work on them. Often I will go into PS to make further edits, including edits by 3rd party suppliers, outside of PS, whereupon completion the file comes back into PS. From PS I can save back down to LR. I went out with a NEF, came back with an additional PSD file into LR.
When I use DXOPR I will batch process from LR. This creates a subfolder of sizeable modified RAW files. I can further edit the PNG files either from the subfolder, or from a synced film strip in LR, where I’ll find the PNG sitting next to the NEF. From here I can further edit the PNG in PS, as mentioned above, and save back to LR, where I now have 3 files sitting side by side.
The issues I am having are: 1) this process is eating up disk space like there’s no tomorrow. Can I ditch the subfolder when I’m done with editing? Are the files in the DXO subfolder duplicates of the files in the synced filmstrip in LR? 2) this DXO software has completely messed up my exporting process out of LR! The delfault settings have changed, but more infuriatingly, seemingly I can no longer use my original DSC_#### file reference on its own, which is essential for my clients to be able to reference. Instead, I’m left to use a much longer file reference with e.g. _DxO_DeepPRIME.DNG inextricably attached.
This is an absolute nightmare given the number of files I process, nor do I want to introduce a further step into my workflow, such as renaming through Bridge, or some such other…nor do I want to be advertising DXO to my clients!
No other software I use behaves in this fashion, including some DXO modules.
I really hope that I’m just being dim, but any suggestions, please?