Dxo standard vs Dxo optical corrections only

Why is there a difference in Field of view between these two profiles? Optical corrections only produces a significantly wider view than Dxo standard using my 24-120 lens. Dxo standard has optical corrections enabled by default Therefore should produce the same field of view?
I’m Using Photolab version 6.17 if that helps.

The width of an output image depends on distortion correction and crop settings…and on how strong your lens distorts at any possible focal length and focal distance.

If you take an image, create a virtual copy and apply the presets, you can then check what the respective settings are. Do this for a few photos and you will see how DPL and your gear interact.

As playtypus said, standard has distortion correction applied. To see this, deactivate it in an image with standard profile applied and you should see the same field of view as produced by optical correction only.

The PhotoLab 6 default preset activates the following tools:

Optical Correction Only activates these tools:
Bildschirm 2024-06-09 um 13.28.52

As we can see, OCO does not activate the crop tool (and others).
Nothing is cropped off, therefore, the image gets wider.

Sidenote: The switch that shows in the upper righthand corner
is set to hide all tools that are not in use. Read more about it in the user manual.