DxO Standard preset

I just realised that the DxO Standard preset actually overwrites whatever settings you may have applied before you apply the preset. As I use Expose To The Right the preset is not working very well on my basic images, but when I crop and set the exposure before applying the preset all my work is removed, and I end up with the same poor result as before I changed the Preferences to setting the DxO No correction.
Also I have created my own preset which only applies Noise reduction as well as the Optics module relevant. This preset also overwrites whatever work I may have done before applying it - how do I change that so it just adds its own stuff to what is edited previously.
I found one of the Black & White presets that doesn’t erase so it can be done.
Regards Johannes Elkjaer Madsen

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You might to do a partial preset.



Thank you - this did the trick, after I followed the instructions - which I have read, and then forgotten all about.
Regards Johannes Elkjaer Madsen