DXO software updates:

DXO software updates: are normally via the internet but I have a computer at a remote location with no cell or internet. I would like to keep the registered software updated, is their a download file with the updates that come out, as the one for 4 Elite at the moment.

If the version on the remote computer is already registered, you should be able to download the update from another computer that is connected to the internet and copy it over to the remote.

if I remember correct than it was possible to download the update version within your DXO account.

But really not sure


Be nice to know where DXO places the file on the computer for download, thanks.

I agree, but the issue is that when you have DXO 4 or DXO 5 and the update comes via the internet. It launches the download and installs it, no option to save the update. If DXO places the file on the computer (where) or is just an update via the mother DXO server.

I can’t speak to what happens on a Mac, but if you are on a Windows PC you can download the installation file to any location you want. Yes you can immediately install it but you don’t have to and in any case it will download the installation file to your Download folder by default. However, once you copy the downloaded file to a computer with no internet there may be a problem with the installation. I’m not absolutely certain of this but I strongly suspect you will still need an internet connection to verify the activation code and to ensure you are no exceeding the number of allowed activations. .


Mark, I agree with what you are saying, but here is the issue. The DXO software is loaded on the computer with no internet, I have purchased the lic for DXO 5 and DXO4 and NIK. Now DXO 5 for example has an update 5.02 (where do I find that download file for the 5.02) activation is done via a file and another computer which I am in the process of doing once DXO gets their site to work instead of just going to the support page.

By clicking on the link in the email sent by DXO that you received during the order, you should be able to download the latest version.

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When you say should, that does not give confidence that the link will take me to 5.02 - due to 5 has had an update already. Waiting for DXO to get back on the support line is like waiting for Santa 365 days.

I can confirm that, with the link in the e-mail you get 5.0.2