DxO Software - New Cameras & Lenses support (16 April 2024 update)

Hi @Wolfgang ,

I’ve passed that information to the concerned team.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Great finally got the Sony distance reading back

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@Wolfgang it’s not a bug, when you create a new mask, “show mask” is checked and grayed. As soon you apply a correction it will be ungrayed and you will be able to deactivate it.

Hello Wolfgang,
the new behavior of “Show masks” is expected. This “Show masks” option is always enable for new mask without correction applying. Once you apply the correction for the current mask selection, this option can be disabled and the on/off status will be saved.


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Hi Marie
OM systems OM1 mark II still seems to lack support for the new High Res 14bit shot?
Kind regards

Hello @Ekstrom ,

what do you mean?
Can you provide me a RAW file for analysis ? You can use https://upload.dxo.com, select “forum”.


@Marie @htran

thanks & got it, while some more behaviour changed (still exploring).

OM-1 mark II have the same High Resolution options as OM-1. One hand held 50mpx and a tripod 80mpx option. The OM-1 camera i using 12bit colors. OM-1 mark II has an option to use 14bit colors.
I have uploaded one picture 50mpx 14bit. I don’t have a 80mpx but if you need it I can create one.
Kind Regards

I uploaded a 80 mPix 14-bit file from my OM-1 Mark II.

Dear @Marie,
Can you provide some details on ‘Minor bug fixes and improvements’ in PL7.5?

For example, it seems that the ‘pink highlights in Zf photos’ problem was fixed. I wish that bugs affecting rendering were described in more detail, explaining in which situations they could appear. Such bugs are not perceived by most of us as ‘minor’.

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Thanks so much for adding the Voigtlander 35mm APO for Sony FE!

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About OM-1 II high res mode, thanks for images to @Ekstrom and @HamsterDR . I’ve opened a bug. It will be solved in April release.

@Wlodek , about ‘Minor bug fixes and improvements’ in PL7.5 I don’t have all details but I can say it fixes the problem of pink highlights on Nikon Zf images and problem with some images of Sony FE cameras shot in APS-C mode.


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  • Tokina Opera 50mm F1.4 FF - Nikon F FX

This fills me with joy. Thank you all for getting this in.

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Problem of pink highlights on Nikon Zf images seems fixed in PL7.5
but it’s still there in DxO PureRAW4…

@maribe a fix is planned soon for PureRaw 4, maybe next week. I don’t have date confirmed yet.


Hi HT …

  • This is described in PLv7.5 Release Notes as;

  • This is a good enhancement - :+1: - it helps to correct some of the issues introduced with PLv7’s new implementation of Local Adjustments.

However, what’s NOT so good (in part) is the change described in Release Notes as;

  • It IS good that the mask itself is hidden, temporarily, whilst correction settings are being changed … BUT, it’s not good that the LA “widget” is also hidden … such that we can no longer see the boundaries of the “areas of influence” of the LA tool being applied.

John M

Select “show masks” and you will see the mask and widget prior to dragging an adjustment slider. As you drag a slider, these disappear, but then reappear.

I like this and am starting to think it’s time to use PhotoLab 7. I’ve considered it unusable since its initial release, mostly because of problems with not seeing adjustments in the image preview while dragging sliders (e.g., luminosity mask changes). These showstoppers seem to have been fixed to my satisfaction in 7.5. And the responsiveness is decent, too. Too bad it took so long to address the problems - too bad about a lot of things - but here we are.

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Yes - That certainly was a serious regression (comparing PLv7 with PLv6)
I have been using PLv7+ … but I found its behaviour, in this regard, very limiting.

Curiously, this (most important of all) fix was not mentioned in PLv7.5 Release Notes at all.

I’ve summarised the other LA-related fixes & enhancements included in PLv7.5 here.


Still no fix for the Auto-Mask which shows the mask drawn but not the actual mask used!

The Show/Hide mask Checkbox is permanently checked with no way to turn it off. You are stuck with either coloured or B&W mask.

How difficult can it be to fix these issues when they worked perfectly in PL6 and PL7 has been available for over 5 months now!

Yes – and the handling is slower now.

Also, I still don’t like the delay in selection (using the B&W mask) when moving a control point / the control line picker around, whereas the visible feedback in PL5 was instantaneous.