DxO Smart Lighting v7

In upgrading to PhotoLab 1.2, I forgot that the DxO Smart Lighting v7 had gone, which was a feature of DXO v7 through to v11 that several of us had pleaded to be kept.

So can we have it back in please?

Hi Chris,

FYI: Your request is related to this one; PL Smart Lighting has lost algorithm to process (purposefully) under-exposed images

Regards, John M

Am I missing something? Smart Lighting is in PL.

Here are the equivalent Smart Lighting panels from DxO 11.4.5

Apart fro the v9 & v7 options being missing, if I have to go back to an image processed with the v7 in PL, it almost certainly won’t show the edit

Even worse than that, Chris, PL will “trash” your .dop/sidecar file with grossly inadequate settings that it deems to be the equivalent to the OP settings for Smart Lighting mode = OpticsPro 9 or 7.

The bitter lesson that I’ve learned is that you must never “open” any images with PL that were originally processed with OP using Smart Lighting mode = OpticsPro 9 or 7.

I’m certainly not knocking PhotoLab generally; it has a whole bunch of excellent new features, compared with OP - - BUT, as you point out in a related thread; PL is nowhere as good as OP was (with Smart Lighting mode = OpticsPro 9 or 7) for processing purposefully under-exposed images.

Chris - May I suggest that you add your requirement for the v7 version of the OpticsPro mode for Smart Lighting to my thread (as in the link above) - - - so that votes on this topic are not diluted.

Regards, John M

I have been through roughly the same exercise on a couple of my difficult church interiors, but came to the conclusion that maybe I was dragging my heels unnecessarily. The results are different, but probably no more than any 2 edits months apart in the same (or next) version. I did find, however, that in PL I had to resort to messing with curves and (a) the toolbox is just not big enough for this to be easy and (b) you have to use the RGB readout above the histogram to pin-point where an essential contrast is on a line/curve (cf Nikon Capture NX2 whence I came to DxO which has a point riding the curve; I wish anyone messing with U-point would rummage out a copy as there is a lot to be learnt there).

Closed as a duplicate of PL Smart Lighting has lost algorithm to process (purposefully) under-exposed images from ISO-Invariant sensors