DxO should not stay quiet about the dubious statements in the Nik Collection v2 announcement

Really. With all due respect. This is a mistake and it should be corrected. I have invested a lot (money + time) in this company and their products since DxO Optics Pro v1 and I don’t want its reputation to be affected by an announcement that creates confusion and that is obviously misleading. Companies like Adobe can afford such mistakes. DxO is not that strong. So, be cautious, please.


Agree and my thoughts, when I got today the email again, with the same offer and prizing which lead to my post, it does not look like they learned anything about it, whats going on here and at other places.


I agree with you too.
In french we say « avoué, c’est déjà à moitié pardonné » :wink:


Got this email again …

…and again …and again …sigh …