DxO Setup ended prematurely

I am trying to do the latest DxoPL 2 update, as prompted when I start the program.
The download goes fine, I close the program, attempt the update and then the error message: “setup wizard ended prematurely…” Attempting to reinstall at a “later time” results in the same.
Advice, please? And here I was thinking of trying version 3, but bugs seem to prevail still?
Thank you.

Advice from a Mac User point of view:

  1. For an update of DPL v2, I’d download the complete installer from your account, trash the old app icon and install the newly downloaded app again.
  2. DPL v3 runs much better than DPL v2 on my iMac (2019, 8-core, all-ssd) and I always get the feeling that something is pulling the brake whenever I use DPL v2. Note: Your mileage might vary!