DXO PureRAW3 does not appear in the Lightroom CC export context menu

I’m new to the forum (and quite new to DXO PureRaw) and experienced the following problem when using PureRAW3 with Lightroom CC:

If I select a file in the libary and use “Datei-Zusatzmoduloptionen-Mit DXO PureRAW3 Plugin verarbeiten” (file-plugin options-process with DXO) everything works fine, but if I use the context menu with " right click on the raw file - export", PureRAW is not in the list of export options (see screenshot).

In the “Lightroom-Zusatzmodul-Manager” (Plugin-Manager) both PureRAW Plugins (PureRAW and PureRAW importer) are listed and activated. Deactivation/activation, the action “Zusatzmodul neu laden” (reload Plugin) and closing/opening LR again didn’t help so far.

Any suggestions?

Regards and many greetings from Germany

Update: I’ve uninstalled PureRAW1.6 (which was still on the PC) and used the repair mode of the PureRAW3 installer. Unfortunately without success. I would be very happy to get an answer from DXO.


Good morning,
I have the same problem with pureraw 4. Did you find a solution?

See what the user guide has to say about it.

PureRAW is built to process RAW files. When used from within Lightroom, the plugin hands the selected file(s) without any Lr edits to PureRAW. When the processed files come back to Lightroom, it tries to apply the edits done before invoking PureRAW. This only works if the xmp sidecar files are present. Conflicting Lr edits are usually zeroed, e.g. in vignetting and chromatic aberration corrections.

For reliability reasons, I always make PureRAW the first step before any other edits in Lr.

Good evening,
I manually recreated the link in the export menu.
Now it is (as expected) possible from Lightroom to launch the plugin from the file menu then external modules or from export.