DXO PureRaw


I am now using PureRAW for a couple of days and I am quite satisfied with the noise reduction,
but I am only using it for (Sony A1) picrures with an Iso > 1600. I am now surprised that I have the feeling
that PureRaw is changing the colors - using the same Presets (except sharpening, noise reduction) result is different? Did I understood the tool wrong?

Best regards

Hi, Wolfgang, and welcome! I suspect the differences you’re seeing are due to the camera’s white balancing and how PureRAW interprets that. It can also be caused by significant exposure corrections within PureRAW (which can easily affect color accuracy) and differences in color space (for example, Adobe RGB in the camera, sRGB on your computer).

PureRAW aims to give you a good starting point for further development of an image using other software. Color correction, white balance adjustments, contrast adjustments, etc. are usually additional steps that must be performed after RAW conversion. I hope that helps.

PureRaw does what it does and leaves not much room for changing parameters. The only possibility is to NOT apply modules. Have you tried PR without modules and what are the differences in apparent colours?