DXO PureRaw - Waiting for update after PL 5

Hi DXo,

I hope you a re doing well. I was wondering if you plan to update anytime soon PureRaw using the latest features from the new PL5… Especially Fujifilm X-Trans support.

Have a great day!

You are posting in a user forum that DxO doesn’t always monitor. Nobody outside of DxO is likely to know. You would need to contact DxO directly and, even the, it is unlikely they would tell you.

Hi, @nicolasdet - I think it’s fine that you’re asking such questions here, as other users might share your interests and might want to voice them with you. While I agree it’s likely that DxO staff won’t reply in a case like this, it seems to me that they do read what we post - and they do sometimes choose to let us in on what they are planning. Best wishes!

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Don’t believe that DxO supports Fujifilms Raw files very soon in PureRaw. My Fujifilm X100F from 2016 are not supported yet in early 2022.


that’s the point. That camera is supported in PL5 but not in PR. However, from my understandings, the two software are using the same “core”…

Let’s see.

I will send a support request. )

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That would be the best idea.

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