DxO PureRaw vs DxO DeepPrime XD

Does anyone know what the differences are between PureRaw and DeepPrime XD? If any? I’ve used both and find noise reduction to be similar.

DeepPRIME XD is the newest next level noise reduction feature developed by DxO. It has been added to the recently released PhotoLab 6 Elite, DxO’s image processing software. PureRaw is a preprocessor intended for use with other image processing software like Lightroom. PureRaw currently uses DeepPRIME noise reduction. However, It will be upgraded in the not to distant future to include DeepPRIME XD as well.

DeepPRIME XD will almost always bring out more fine detail in an image than DeepPRIME. However, often this fine detail is not easily visible at normal zoom levels, especially on smaller monitors. In my experience, using DeepPRIME XD on cropped images, especially heavily cropped ones will more clearly demonstrate its superiority over DeepPRIME.

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