DXO PureRAW - upgrade?

On your website home screen is a panel regarding the new DxO PureRAW for $89.99 US. But in the bottom right of that panel is a phrase and link, “Already a customer? Upgrade”. Upgrade from what? When I click on it the page just shows my current licensed products - no “upgrade” to DxO PureRAW and no further discount. Even the PURERAW discount code doesn’t discount the $89.99 any further. Extremely confusing.

I’ve found that product web site issues can’t be resolved here in the forum. Rather, open a support ticket at support.dxo.com and your comment will be passed along to the right people. The ticket will be closed once that has been done. I hope that helps.

Probably just planning for a future upgrade. When Version 2 is introduced owners of Version 1 can use this to upgrade at a discount. Probably shouldn’t be displayed until then.

Thanks, but Steve normally forwards to the correct individual. Both complaints I had have now been fixed.

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