DxO PureRaw System Requirements on Windows - Windows 8.1 supported?

Hi Folks, on the downloadpage the stated system requirements of DxO PureRaw is “Windows® 10 version 1809 (64-bit) and above”. I installed it on Win 8.1 Prof 64-bit and to my first findings it runs perfectly well. Although a error message occurs on launching (“your OS doesn’t support DxO PureRaw […] please upgrade your OS”) the app and even the DeepPrime feature seems to work flawlessly. Did anybody else try this? Greetings -Kay

Greeting Kay. I’m guessing here but I would assume that PR works similarly to PL4 and will run on Win 8.1 but the GPU acceleration for Deep Prime is not supported. GPU acceleration speeds up the export process considerably and without it the export will take minutes as opposed to seconds.


Thanks, Mark, for your input. I still have to evaluate this. As far as I can see now there is a difference in processing speed indeed but not a significant one. Greetings -Kay

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