DXO PureRaw Plugin with Lightroom - Performance Issue

Experiencing an issue where DXOPureRaw 3 performance degrades seriously after processing a handful of images.

Normal process is to run .ORF RAW image through DXO via Lightroom Plug-In Extras then complete editing in LR. DXO normally completes using DeepPrime XD in 8-10 seconds (even though the time estimation bar states 2-3X that).

I occasionally will pull images into Photoshop for additional editing but all of this is done 1 image at a time.

At some point DXO will go from that 8-10 seconds to 45+ seconds to complete. Same image set, no other changes.

If I exit LR, a “shadow” instance of LR and DXO are still running. I have to use Task Manager to close those, then restart LR and the processing goes back to “normal”.

I’m running Windows 11 with an i9-10900K, 64GB RAM, NVMe SSDs and an RTX4070 so I should not be having these performance issues.

Any ideas?

Are the later files considerably larger(dimensions) than the first few files.?Preformatted text

No - exactly the same.