DXO PureRaw Noise With Nijon D850

Im using DXO PureRaw with Nikon D850 files shot at 800 iso at sunset and cannot get rid of noise in the clouds and sky and even the foreground in some cases. Is DXO PureRaw just not designed to deal with higher megapixel cameras at these iso’s in lower lighting conditions or am I over looking something here?
Any suggestions and feedback would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi David and welcome.

Are you sure that you are using Deep Prime as your noise reduction algorithm?

Don’t have pureraw, but have a D850 and photolab, so same denoiser as pureraw (maybe more control in photolab, but auto-controls are generally very good).
Photolab denoising with D850 has been an important factor for me to choose photolab. So it should work.
At 800 iso it should be perfect (unless maybe, if you are extremely underexposed and raise exposure very high).
In photolab, if you choose prime or fprime you can’t see denoising in the main window before processing, but only in a small preview window on the right. You have to move a target in main window to center the preview denoising zone of the small preview window. Maybe the same in pureraw.
And as said rrblint, you should use fprime.
I never use prime since fprime exists. I find Fprime does all prime does in a better way.
I sometime use HQ and most of the time Fprime.
Another thing I think to, is that for some features to works correctly in photolab, you must have an optical module loaded for your combo camera-lens. It should load automaticly if you’re internet connected but who knows. But I don’t know if it’s necessary for denoising, neither if it’s the same in pureraw.
Hope this helps.