DxO PureRAW BF discount for upgrades

Isn’t there going to be a BF discount for PR2 upgrade?

Really dissapointed!

Hello and welcome,

Here is a snip from the email that I received this morning.

Thanks. I meant upgrading from PR1 to PR2. It’s 79 dollars/euros, that is just 10 less than a new PR2 license.

€79 or $79 is considerably less than the normal price of €129 or $129. That is the BF discount that I think you were looking for.

*New license: Normal price $129 - BF promotional price $89.
*Upgrade from PR1: Normal price $79 - “No BF discount”.

That’s simple, what I was looking for is a BF promotion for people who already paid for a new license of PR1 and want to upgrade to PR2.