DxO PureRaw and Faces

I have been using PureRaw 2 and now 3 for a while and I generally shoot landscapes and travel photography. However, I have seen that if there are people in the scene, it does a pretty bad job when rendering faces.

Is there a way around this or it is what it is for now?

Can you be more specific about what PureRAW isn’t doing well? What settings are you using, particularly for denoising? Have you tried other settings?

Hi Greg,

PureRaw works very well, I am really impressed with what it can do. It’s just when an image is quite noisy and there are people in the distance, after Pureraw is applied, their faces look like they are wearing masks.
I just did a few tests and I think it has to do with the size of the faces and how much noise there is. Not much pureraw can do to improve.
I will close this post.