DXO PureRaw 3 - Error message with Nikon Z 8 NEF RAW Files

I’ve been using PureRaw 3 with my Nikon Z9 Raw files with excellent results. Today, I tried to use PureRaw 3 on my new Nikon Z8 NEF RAW files and get a message that the file is corrupted or has already been processed in PureRaw. I checked to make sure that PureRaw 3 was still working with my Z9 NEF RAW files, and it is… perfectly. Double checked that both cameras were set to RAW (lossless compressed) and both are.

Any suggestions will be greatly Appreciated.

Change the metadata in the photo to say that they are shot with Nikon Z9. On macOS, I use a little utility called MetaImage.

@Don – welcome here

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