DXO Pure RAW v2 problems

So, processing a RAW file, intermittently does this:

why? It’s happened before, and usually deleting this file and re-processing the original RAW results in a correct looking DNG. I haven’t bothered to post about this before, but thought that I would do so now.

Any thoughts and/or suggestions?




Usually, GPU driver not up-to-date or lack of free memory (system or GPU). If the problem is intermittent, this lack of memory may be due to other applications running concurrently with PureRAW.

Just a guess.

Interesting. Nvidia drivers up to date. 16GB RAM on the laptop, 40% free.

What about VRAM?
This issue seems to be related to low GPU memory…
Try closing Lightroom and do the export directly in Pureraw…

Pat was referring to dedicated VRAM onboard your GPU, not simply RAM.

Ian - works fine with Pure RAW v2…closing Lightroom and doing it in Pure Raw v4 direct mucks with my workflow. No thank you. If the software cannot do what I want, then it is not for me.

Mark - Pat said “CPU or GPU”…

I believe that he was referring to GPU,

Is all your work happening on your C: drive? Or another drive? Or removable storage?

Do you have a lot of free disk space? Do you know if your swap/pagefile is of fixed size or managed by the OS?