DXO Pure Raw gives different results than PhotoLab5

Trying to see if I needed both DXO PR and Photolab 5 I exported the same image to each. In Photlab I only selected the optical corrections. When I got them both back to lightroom where I could compare them side by side the Pure Raw had brighter clearer colors, more simila

You don’t need both. Everything that Pure Raw can do is included in PhotoLab.

Any differences you are seeing are more than likely down to differences in presets applied.

I have never needed Pure Raw and have been using PhotoLab since PL1.

Hi David and welcome!

If you are using PureRAW at it’s default settings, then you will have to modify your settings in PL5 in order to get them to match. Just using the “Export to DNG with Optical Corrections and NR Only” will not suffice. You will need to do the following:

1.) With your RAW photo in PL5 Customize tab click on Apply Preset at the upper right, then click the Optical Corrections Only preset.
2.) Go to DxO Denoising technologies and click on Deep Prime.
3.) Go to Lens Sharpness and raise the slider from 0.00 up to 1.00.

Now export to DNG with Optical Corrections and NR Only and they should match.


May I know why step 3 is essential to make them match?

Because PR2 at it’s default settings applies the equivalent of Global Sharpness= +1.00 in PL5, PL5 with lens corrections applied has GS= 0.00.

Please see THIS POST by @Marie .


thank you!