DXO Pure Raw - cannot download lens optics

Hi everybody.

I just downloaded the product and its quite astonishing. Well done to the development team.

I have a problem with downloading of lens optics. I keep getting this error. Any tips ??

My software version is as following and I am using a Mac running Monterey ( M1 macbook pro ) 12.3.1 (21E258). Any ideas why DXO cant connect to the internet ? I am definitely connected :slight_smile:


Do you have a firewall? (Hardware or software.) I would check to see if any TCP/UDP ports or applications are being blocked, or if your computer is treating your network connection with restricted privileges.

It could also be a problem on DxO’s end.

Hi Greg, thank you for responding. I found that a restart of the application did not help but a complete reboot of Mac OS X fixed the issue. Thanks for your suggestion and response.