DXO Pure Raw 2 and Imagen AI

I recently uploaded the DXO Prime Raw file to Imagen AI and used one of their talents profile. When the photos came back. Imagen AI edited the ORIGINAL raw file and NOT the Pure Raw 2 raw file. So I copied and paste all the settings from Imagen AI that came back to the Pure Raw 2 raw file except for the sharpening and the noise reduction. Photos are bluish compare to the edited photos that came back from Imagen AI.

Anybody here who are using Imagen AI and Pure Raw 2 have the same experience?

PureRAW doesn’t edit RAW files, it converts them to either linear DNGs or JPEGs.

ImagenAI doesn’t edit RAW files either, it brings back LR settings it analyses images and sets tones, curves, HSL, colour grading etc on an images by image basis, so if the settings are transferred from the RAW to DNG by PR then it ought to look almost the same, afterall, that is the very purpose for PR transferring settings from a RAW in LR to the DNG output by PR…