DxO Promise: "Our goal is to continue helping you as much as possible"

As much as possible by whom ? For whom?
How about helping to support my X-Trans sensor based camera? For example, switch resources from creating marketing propaganda to creating adequate functionality to support an important range of cameras. Try to keep up with other suppliers in the market place.

Oh-Boy. Should DxO drop everything to develop support for X-Trans (which I hadn’t even heard of) until your post? How much market share do these devices have. Is DxO’s ROI worth it?

Great that Fuji has adopted this sensor over bayer, but Canon hasn’t, nor Nikon. Panasonic, no again. DxO is not Adobe, thank god. Does Lightroom support X-Trans sensors? Hmm, seems they don’t either, except for “Enhance Details” .DNG. Maybe that’s an indicator of market share? Maybe not.

For now you have DarkTable or RawTherapee. I’m not bashing your hardware, but you need to remember that your decisions might ultimately affect what software support you get.

Canon > DPP
Nikon > Capture NX2

Fuji > ? Do they even support their own hardware or are they relying on 3rd parties for that? Their software offerings look limited.

I’m sure X-Trans is great. Seems to be especially good for B&W, but you’ve locked yourself in, painted yourself into a corner, or whatever you want to call it. Maybe DxO is working on this support, but you have based a great deal on hope. If you are a professional, then I would expect your experience would have told you not to choose a platform with limited options or software support.

“Important range of camera’s” … Important to who?

Welcome to the forums BTW, I mean that. Glad to have you here!

I hope you get the support you are looking for.

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Adding support for the Fuji X Tran sensor should be something that DXO implements, sooner rather than later. I do not pretend to know the complexities that might be delaying support for that sensor for such a long time, but I assume if it was easy enough for them to do it, they would have by now.

If you are a licensed user of Photolab purchased for a different camera, and love using it as much as many of us do, not being able to use it going forward must be very frustrating.

However for most of us who do not use the Fuji x-trans sensor, and especially many of us who are beta testers, we are grateful for the effort the DXO staff is making to satisfy our needs. This is despite a number of outstanding issues, and requests for new or upgraded functionality, which has been a long time in coming. You make it seem like the failure to support your sensor of choice eliminates any claim of theirs to be customer-oriented. I can’t agree with that statement.



Your header speaks for it self.
" [DxO Promise: “Our goal is to continue helping you as much as possible
if your workload is filling your work hours then prioritizing and streamlining comes in to play.
Diving into a new unknown territoy as the X-trans is, thinking of the application doing all kinds of things before and just after the bayer demosiacing it’s probably too much work to fit in a X-patern in that software without major investment of manpower and labor.
And if they support the RGBTiff-based (demosiaced) DNG’s, linear DNG, of Fuji , so you can use the “jpg-mode” of DxOPL you lose a lot of goodies as PRIME and the Optical Module power.

Then you complain about the not supporting of Fuji rawfiles and that you can’t use half of DxOPL.

to use an analogy: a English car has the stear on the right side. (no fun intended i drive a left stearingcar as most of us in Europe.) and a Volvo or BMW or Mercedes or VW or Audi they have made there core chassis that way that in the facory they can build with some changes a left and right car on that chassis. So i buy a right steer car and it’'s easy to make it a lefty?
No you have to change a lot more then just the stear colom; the dash, the pedals, handbreak, main kabelharnas positioning, headlights screen wipers rotation angle and positioning of the motors…

So that’s why most imported cars keep right steered even when they get there new licenceplate.
To much work for the end result. Economical not interesting to proceed a total makeover/ rebuild.

And stil you can have garages whom are specialized in rebuilding your car for left steering.

So ask for a linear DNG support first. Get the licenceplate and drive happy sitting on the wrong side of the car and be handicapped in blind corners but you can use it.

When Fuji is rising in the market maybe there will be a economical drive to rebuild the chassis to be suited for both. X-trans and Bayer.


Welcom to the forum and i hope you stay for (positive and constructive) input.
Your not alone as Fuji user here but most have also Bayer designed camera’s.