DXO Prolab NEF photo in focus for one second then slightly out-of-focus on my MacBook Pro


I am digitizing Black & White 6x6 Negatives with a Nikon D610 and a Nikkor EL f/4 75mm at f8.

I noticed on my MacBook Pro and on my iMac 27-inch that every time I click on a NEF photo on DXO ProLab3 it comes on the display in focus; but after a second the photo goes slightly out-of-focus

Is there any setting which should be adjusted?

BTW, the Nikkor EL (Enlarging Lens) f/4 75mm is not in the DXO list.

Do you mean PhotoLab 3? What you are probably initially seeing is the embedded jpeg. Unlike the jpeg, the raw image has no in camera settings applied so it will look less sharp and flatter as a general rule.


You also need to zoom in 75% or more in the PhotoLab viewer for images from RAW to have sharpening applied.

Yes: ProLab 3.

I shoot only in raw (Nikon NEF); no jpeg.

After working on the photos, I save them in TIFF for printing.

I don’t know what ProLab 3 is. Do you mean PhotoLab 3? If so, did you read my earlier post?


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Please note – a lens specially corrected for enlarging, doesn’t need any further lens correction.

In PhotoLab, the main image viewer shows briefly first the embedded jpeg from RAW files, then a preview of the RAW with the corrections from the default preset.
If your image is at a zoom value lower than 75%, the sharpness is not well showed.
And if the lens module is not available, the auto sharpness to correct lens sharpness is not applied also.
If needed, you can adapt manually the sharpness outside of the module palette.

And before trying something else, have you tried to export an image to check if the sharpness or slightly out of focus is still there (as explained above the output export rendering is not exactly the same that the preview window)?


How can I adapt manually the sharpness outside of the module palette?

My mistake PhotoLab 3!

You can use the Sharpness mask palette:

You can see in the image above that the palette Lens sharpness is greyed as not available.

You can also optimize it with Contrast palette:
Capture d’écran 2023-09-26 à 17.54.25
Please note that here the 4 latest cursors are from DxO Filmpack.

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Thank you