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Hi … does anyone know where or how DxO stores projects? I was hoping to be able to “import” a project by preparing a list of filenames and have DxO PL 2 create a project out of them. The files are spread across a few dozen directories and I have a handy list of them, but going into each directory to add the individual files through the DxO interface would be painful.

I looked in the ~/Library folder and didn’t see anything that looked promising.

Hi Rex.

Projects are stored in the PL database - - so, not readily accessible from outside PL.

Regards, John M


I do not think it will ever be possible.

But I have been asking for a long time the possibility to copy / paste a path file into the library.
I hope that can be then help you.



It would be cool to be able to recover the projects because if one decides to move all his photos in a new directory, it is necessary to recreate the database with the .dop files but we lose the projects !

For me, a good piece of software is a software that helps the users reach their goals, not only perfectly, but also as fast a possible.
I hate to see someone clicking 10 times to achieve something if, with a bit of code we could drop to 5 clics -just an example-. The hard work must always be for the software engineer so that the user can enjoy and produce more -yes of course it is cost limited … but come one, we all pay-.

I wish that your demand will be heard and implemented one day.
I do not work with projects yet but it might come true soon.

Is there a vote open ?


This is (was) the the DxO’s weak point.
The new team seems more open-minded to listen the user’s side.


I see. Thank you for the information.
This is win-win for everybody.

Pathnames are not really part of the Mac experience. I came over from Windows seven years ago and still think in terms of folders, directories, and paths, and find myself tilting at Mac windmills where the idea is to hide such details in favor of “libraries.” I can’t really fault DxO for following that UX directive.

I started digging into the DxO database using a SQL*Lite tool and getting pathnames of files in projects can be done, but I would never attempt to update this DB. In terms of features, I’d say this one ranks pretty far down the list.


That’s a handy observation, Rex - - just for curiosity purposes.
Like you say, tho, t’would not be smart to try updating any of the tables !

John M

In another life I was a database programmer so all of the principles of joining tables and writing queries that link columns are straightforward. The PL DB is pretty simple but seems to have a lot of cruft in it, such as references to files and directories that have nothing to do with images. Tempting to delete, but I could lose projects if I did that.

Now I found my workflow:

I use my external DAM to create an album of pictures (from different folders on the harddrive).
Than I drag and drop those “files” on a new project in Photolab.
This way, whatever happen to Photolab, my project remains safe in my DAM and I can edit the pictures easily in Photolab.


Cool. I did not realise you could drop images into a project work area like that. It is still one step away from being able to create a project from a simple list of names but it has potential. I am using Excel as my DAM and so that must be keyed from file and pathnames. Getting to the underlying object is the next step.

Thanks for the tip!

Oh you are welcome.

It took me a while.

Wow congrats :sunglasses:

What DAM ?
What method ?

Simply create a new empty Project in Photolab.
Then go to your finder/explorer and drag your files -possible from different locations- into Photolabs window to fill that Project with pictures.

I am using Neofinder on mac, there is a twin software for Windows called abeMeda.

The DAM is not necessary since you can drag and drop one file after the other in that project.
In my case I prepare my Project already in the DAM and drag the files in a Project in Photolab.
I have no idea what kind of “list” is accepted by Photolab. But that works for me.

Extra tip:
On a mac you can also use Yoink to drop your files first and than drag all of them in Photolab’s new Project.
I know some people using another tool called BetterTouchTool to automate Yoink.



I haven’t yet figured out the purpose of "Project"s. Are these just collections?


I personal never used it but is indeed a collections kind of idea.
As far as i understand you can select some images out your indexed folders from any were in that list/tree , create a “project” and keep adding until your done. You dont really move/copy those images but create a “virtual copy” in there own “folder” called project x

So you can make a project paintings and cats and buildings select from your library all images which contains those and start playing around from there wile no real replacement or copy is done nor risk of changing first dopfile info (edited raw file data on original folder)

Again never used it yet so could be wrong in the details… :slight_smile:


Thank you, Peter :slight_smile:

thanks @m-photo, this has helped me lots.
So much so, it inspired me to make my first YouTube instructional video and show how I use this technique with FastStone image viewer and DxO when working with over 1000 pictures in a single folder.
(When I come back from a long trip, I have had anywhere from 2000 to 4000 photos in one folder. Being able to use FastStone to sort my images into small projects that list just the highlights is a great time saver).
If it helps anyone else, here is the link to the video


Great :+1:t4:
and good video too.

PS: if you select your project in the tree on the left first, you can also drop your selected photos on the right side of the screen. I find it a bit easier than targeting a small line in the tree :smiley:

Also, if you need it is working with a selection of files from different source folders, like if for example you can search in all your photos « all my photos with Felix the cat » and drop the result onto a PL project :star_struck: