DxO Prime very slow

DxO export to disk with Prime is very, very slow. Exported one image 50,32 MP and 44,9 MB with Prime in 7 minutes and 46 seconds.
Windows 10, 32,0 GB RAM, Intel Core i7 3,4 GHz and OpenCL.
Deep Prime is much faster and acceptable.


Deepprime uses the GPU unlike Prime, what is your graphics card?
If Deepprime is faster, why use Prime?


Hi Frank,

My graphics card is 4095 MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.

I used Prime to see what it does. It is available. But you are right, when usefull I use Deep Prime and it does a very good job.

Kind regards.

I have the same Nvidia card as you, As Frank pointed out, DeepPRIME uses your card’s GPU and PRIME does not.


My Deep Prime suddely does not use GPU anymore. It worked perfectly some time ago.
I tried to find out why.
Do we have settings for that in DxO? The settings in Windows do not affect.
I plan to uninstall the driver for GTX760 and reinstall a new driver. Does anybody have experiences?

Now I found this. How do I get to theese settings?

Perhaps a stupid answer but did you enabel OpenCL? Edit/Preferences/Performance/Enabel OpenCL.

Edit/Preferences/Performance/Deep Prime Acceleration

Thank you. This will be my first STEP tomorrow morning!
This I failed to see in the manual.

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“Enable Open CL” ticked, → No Cure

Tried both “Auto Selection” and forced to select NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760. → still No Cure.

Next step probably to work with updating WIN and the graphics driver.

Any other suggestions?

I point out that the system has worked flawlessly until recently when the issue unexpectedly started.
The issue may - but necessary not - be related with the installed “Simple PC Optimizer” followed with a pressure also to purchase “Simple Disc Optimizer”.

I had a quick look for “Simple PC Optimizer”, and my findings weren’t promising

describes it as “To clear out things, Simple PC Optimizer is indeed counted as rogue software. The author�s goal wasn�t to make a program that would help optimize and boost up the system performance. Rather, Simple PC Optimizer turned out to be hoax, since it only serves as a profitable program for its developer. It shows fake scan results just to convince you that you really have to purchase its licensed version. It even uses unfair tactic just to gain spot on your computer. In most cases, PC users got Simple PC Optimizer through free downloadable software. It tries to trick users to include this rogue program along with freeware without their knowing.”

There are a lot of these programs that promise amazing performance, and are usually worth avoiding.

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Thank you proovak!
This will start my tomorrow morning.

Sorry, no cure.

Do we have a list of supported Graphics Cards? Low-end and recommended. This would help me to understand how I am placed regarding performance potential and also to choose a good card next time (when cards will be available again after the present shortage).

My processing speed is about 0.3 Mpx / sec.

NVIDIA GTX™ 1060, AMD Radeon™ RX 580 or better recommended for DeepPRIME (GPU acceleration is only supported from Windows 10 version 1903)