DXO Prime Raw not supported Fuji X-T3 Raf files

trialing DxO PureRaw2 on my iMac studio to process Fuji X-T3 Raf files and have found that Fuji camera’s RAW files are currently not supported by Prime RAW message pops up? but I can process as HQ RAW processing method or DeepPrime?
I was temped to the trial by an email, advertising as having support for Fujifilm & Apple silicon, but this appears to be not telling the full story?

PRIME is not supported in PhotoLab or PureRAW for xtrans sensors. The only reason PRIME even still exists as a feature is for those users who have a computer which doesn’t optimize DeepPRIME processing. Most of us here haven’t used PRIME on our images since DeepPRIME was introduced in PhotoLab 4 Elite.


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Thanks Mark for the explanation. :+1:t2: