Dxo prime noise techonologies not for Canon 5dmkIII

Good morning from Italy. I was impressed looking Prime Noise tech used by a friend of mine with già Canon 70d. I wanted to purchase Dxo Photolab bit I noticed that Canon 5dmkIII isn’t supported for what concerns Prime Noise Tech. There Is no solution? Thanks in advance

Ciao Francesco,

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Your camera body (5DmkIII) is supported by PhotoLab.
Maybe you are shooting using mRAW or sRAW? If this is the case, be aware that PhotoLab does not support such formats.

UPDATE: I forgot…as pointed out by Mark below, PRIME/DeepPRIME denoising only applies to RAW files!

I wonder if he’s attempting to use PRIME or DeepPRIME on Jpegs or tiffs. New users don’t always know that it is only available for use with raw files.


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