DxO PL6 Testversion can't be started

I installed the PL6 Testversion and got the message “License expired” I was previously using the the EA version.

Is there an workaround?


This is only a suggestion, that I haven’t tested myself but you could try moving the PL6 EA licence out of the Licence folder and then launching the PL6 test download. The licences are found in: C:\ProgramData\DxO Labs\Licenses. The file names in the folder should easily let you identify the PL6 one.

Thanks, will test ist!

Strictly, the EA licence, which was essentially a year long trial version, has expired and cannot be renewed. You cannot expect DxO to prolong such a licence and, unless you qualified for a reward, you will have to purchase your own full or upgrade licence.

interesting view how to treat customers :wink:
However, thanks for answering

Participating ni a beta test does not make you a customer. Even if you had never owned the previous version you could apply for a beta licence for the duration of the test, which has now ended.

That means you could have had a year’s free use without being a customer. Do you really expect DxO to “owe” you further free use?


You can try to remove the beta test license file
and see if you can then test for another 30 days.

Can’t say where that file is on Windows though.

I checked and he posted in the PL 6 EA program around a dozen times over 9 months so I’m sure he didn’t get a free license. Some people seem to believe that just being a member of the EA team entitles them to free perks even when their minimal participation added no significant value.



Yes, buying a license.

For trying the trial (if that’s what you mean with Testversion), you have to remove the EA license I guess.


grafik but it should be too late now, as EA expired

Solved, I got a new code to run the test version

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