DXO PL6 Color Space

Comments below based on Windows 10 installation.

It is great that you have added a wider gamut color space!

Question: Why did DXO use: ROM RGB: ISO 22028-2:2013 rather than ProPhotoRGB?

I use ProPhotoRGB in Photoshop in order to maintain maximum color space. Your choice of color space is slightly less in size and also creates ANOTHER color space in my workflow.

You might review the following comment from someone dealing with the differences.

If DXO does NOT have a strong reason for using this other wide gamut space I would suggest that they consider using ProPhotoRGB.

It is also interesting to note that if you export to disk from PL6 and you choose ProPhotoRGB you do NOT get ProPhotoRGB you get ROM RGB: ISO 22028-2:2013.

ROMM RGB is the ISO standard that corresponds to ProPhoto RGB. You can find that profile here: ROMM RGB

DxO’s Wide Gamut looks like it is intended to cover Pointer’s Gamut.

Hi @platypus

your second link does not work for me ?

This is because it is a link to a beta test forum.

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Here’s a direct link:

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Looking at this DxO image:

It looks like their wide gamut colour space is not a million miles from Rec. 2020:

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a little bigger

I don’t follow you. What is bigger than what? The arrows on your image point to DxO wide gamut and ProPhoto, i.e. they show that ProPhoto has greater coverage than DxO’s wide gamut but do you mean DxO’s wide gamut is bigger than Pointer’s gamut?

the screenshot :slight_smile:
(captured from a video about PL6 by Robin Whalley → starting at 3’22)

and yes, it looks similar to Rec. 2020

taken from the article linked by @platypus [ → about half way down ]

On the topic of color management - and how it applies to RAW processing; see link here provided by @KeithRJEspecially, note the flow-chart included therein.

John M

Thanks Wolfgang. It CLEARLY shows the difference in the color space!

It would be nice if DXO included the larger color space!