DXO PL6 barfs on images ingested using Photo Mechanic 6

I use Photo Mechanic to ingest all my photos (from a pair of Nikon Z9s). I’ve used this workflow for years. All of a sudden, especially since firmware 3.0 was released for the Z9, Photo Mechanic and PL6 do not play nicely. In every case, PL gives me the message that it doesn’t recognize the format the photos are in. They are Lossless Compressed RAWS, the same type of images I’ve been ingesting for nearly a year with the Z9, and now DXO PL6 doesn’t recognize them. The ONLY change that I’m aware of is that Nikon released Firmware 3.0 in late October. I just returned from a long trip to the Arctic photographing polar bears and other arctic creatures, and PL6 just refuses the read the photos. No issues with Capture One, Photoshop, Lightroom, or virtually any other Mac program out that that reads Z9 images. This seems like it needs an update. The program is useless to me if this isn’t fixed immediately.

I hope you’ve submitted a tech support request (support.dxo.com) then. May whatever the problem is get resolved quickly for you.

My understanding is that no one supports the High Efficiency NEFs on Apples ARM/Silicon architecture as IntoPix which Nikon have licensed it from have not yet released a SDK for the architecture.

Only for Intel based architecture.

Same goes for the other raw developers - unless I’ve missed something.
So if it works for a C1 user on macOS it’s due to them being on Intel.

I was actually wrong.
IntoPix actually released the SDK for ARM two months ago.
So let’s hope we will see an update from DxO shortly.

19 Sept 2022
FastTicoRAW SDK for Apple silicon & ARM64

  • NEW : Release v2.14.2 for Apple silicon (MacOS, iOS, iPadOS) & ARM64 are now available (Linux) with additional speed increases !
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@mrfearless47 I know nothing - I should just stop there really and opt for a quieter life!

  1. Do you apply metadata to the image directly using Photo Mechanic as part of the ingesting process. I suspect you do since that means that the image will contain all your IPTC data embedded.

  2. Have you tried PL6 with the original image, i.e. missing out the PM step?

If 2 fails (has already failed) then it is unlikely to work on other machines but if you have a “safe” image, i.e. from the shoot that doesn’t need copyrighting or just point your camera at an object and post the image file without PM processing and we can try it on our hardware (doesn’t fix your problem but helps identify the “scope” of the problem)

But do as @Egregius has said because posting here is good for advice from other users and useless with respect to DxO!

  1. Yes
  2. Yes.

2 Fails. I have submitted a ticket to DXO.

@Required. I am aware of the HE* and HE support (or lack thereof from DXO). To be clear, Capture One 22 and 23 both support the HE formats, On1 supports the HE formats, Luminar Neo supports them, as do both PS and LRC. DXO does not. I use the HE* format when space it at a premium, but not routinely. The compression saves significant card space, but does not save any post-processing time. The images are decompressed on the fly. In fact, an edited TIFF from HE* is the same size as an edited tiff from normal lossless compressed. Same with a PSD.