DXO PL5 offers unneeded optics modules

I recently added a Canon RF 50mm f1.2 lens to my bag. I downloaded the optics module for the lens when prompted and it seemed to work as expected.

I’ve just returned to my desk after a week away and DXO (5.1.1 build 52) has started to prompt me at startup to download a bunch of other 50mm lens combinations with my Canon R5, none of which I own or have ever owned. No images made with these lenses are in my catalog. I get this dialog every time I start PL5:

When I check the modules I have installed, the correct 50mm module is there; I believe PL5 is, in fact, using the module in processing.

This is an annoyance rather than a functional problem. I thought it might have been a modules database mixup (CAFList5.db).

So I deleted the “Modules” folder in the DXO PL5 preferences (~/Library/DXO PhotoLab V5) to see if that would remedy the problem. But it did not. I laboriously replaced all the modules I need for my catalog going back about 5 years (there are lots of other combinations to be downloaded another time).

The problem persists. Not for all camera/focal-length combos. Only two seem to be affected: the Canon 50mm f1.2 and a rogue suggestion of a DJI Mavic 4/3 camera lens that is somehow prompted when I traverse parts of my catalog where there are Olympus lenses (I’ve never owned a DJI drone).

Have you had a similar problem? Can you recommend a remedy?

Usually this happens when there is a conflict in the EXIF that PL5 can’t resolve. When this happens, I’ve mostly see 2 or 3 choices, but they’ve hooked you up with every 50mm ever made.

I’d say, once you’ve downloaded the correct module just uncheck that box

and give it no further thought. :grin: :rofl:

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Apart from switching doing as @rrblint proposes, you can also download the modules and verify or resolve lens ambiguities (camera icon at the lower rh corner of the thumbnails) and move on.

Automatic module detection slowly falls apart in DPL. Maybe it’s time for a different module selection mechanism: Manual selection while ignoring ambiguities, as long as there is one module that fits.

Another way would be to check, on a list, camera bodies and lenses that we have/use/own and DPL will make do with that selection. If I remember correctly, an early version of ViewPoint used a similar approach.

Is not one possibility to search inside PL for a certain focal length? I also see some lenses I never bought, just to find out some of them were test-shots from either me borrowing or renting that lens or downnloaded some RAWs from DPR.

same as Mark ( @rrblint )

plus this

so that the “oh, there is a new optics module for download message” doesn’t bother me – without being totally discarded (invisible)

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If your car is making a strange noise, turn the radio up! :notes: :flushed: :rofl:


Wolfgang, these preference dialogs for the “image browser” (= “PhotoLibrary”) are not available in the Mac interface (that seems to be a simplified imitation of the Win interface). There is, however, a preference setting for automatic display of the modules download dialog that, as you say, may be turned off.

I think it’s easier,Joachim, to ‘filter’ in the PhotoLibrary for “Module Ambiguity” to find any lens/camera combination that PL has not assigned to one or other of the modules I have downloaded.

I find no ambiguities when filtering in this way. So I’m still puzzled why PL is suggesting lenses I have never used/tried (I never rent lenses/cameras and have only a handful of raws other than my own in the catalog).

Oh well… Turn off the ‘automatic’ suggestions seems to be the remedy.

I’d better try my suggestions before suggesting them… I never owned a Fuji X-T3 and don’t think I ever had one here, but that camera is showing up together with all Fuji lenses I have/had. On the other side, searching for “35 mm” did not show all lenses I own or rented. Interestingly, that information came from the database. Can’t say to find this result satisfying, but can’t say I know in details what and how PL is looking for.

And btw., my “New optical modules are necessary…” window is empty although I own a couple of lenses without an optical module. Funny, PL was earlier to support Lumix FF (compared to C1), but now the L-mount system appears too much to deal with.

and if too low oil level is indicated, buy a longer dipstick…of course this applies only to older models

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Ah yes. I used to work as a mechanic many years ago and remember a customer saying they couldn’t find the switch to turn off that little yellow light on the dasboard :woozy_face:

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