DXO PL5 Crash on selection of Camera-Body rendering

I’ve been revisiting some older images. In this case DNGs taken with a Nikon D610 and a Zeiss lens.

PL5 (trial) reliably crashes when the RAW image is in the ‘customize’ window and I select ‘Camera-body PL Elite’ rendering (but before specifying the camera).

I attach a Crash Log.

PL5_CrashLog_4Nov_PWG.txt (178.5 KB)

I’m running PL5.0.1 build 41 and…

  1. This is a FilmPack palette, not a PhotoLab one, so it might be down to the version of FilmPack you have installed
  2. I have FP6 and I don’t have a rendering type of “Camera-body PL Elite” it just says “Camera body”

Does this make any difference?